Rainy City Chorus - Keeping The Whole World Singing!


The Rainy City Chorus was one of the first barbershop choruses to start up in the UK. Their inaugural meeting was on Tues 9th January 1979 and was held at The Travellerís Call, Bredbury.

The first rehearsal was on Friday 9th Feb 1979 at The Gateway Hotel, 882 Wilmslow Rd. (now a Wetherspoons) under the direction of the first Musical Director, John Batty.

An ageing document recording these events and names of those attending has been scanned and is shown below.

Rainy City were placed first in the BABS National Championship at National Convention in May 1992 and consequently attended the World Championships in Canada in 1993 after a whirlwind series of fundraising appearances around England.

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